If you only watch one fake Internet movie this afternoon …

… you could do worse than this one.

(Via Valleywag)

Recruit Hideo Kojima


The upcoming MGS game on the PSP, Peace Walker, will allow players to capture and recruit mercs they encounter in the game. And according to Andriasang, one of them will be series creator, Hideo Kojima, who is apparently called a “god” by other NPCs in the game.

According to his stats, he’s a god that’s really good at intelligence gathering and healing, but not so much at cooking or fighting. The article also notes that his profile states “”My body is made up 70% of movies. You can decide what to do with the remaining 30%.”

That actually makes sense given Kojima’s love for film early in his career and the influence it has had on his work, not to mention the heavy emphasis on technical geekery that his titles love to inject into their dialogues.

It also makes me wonder what other games would be like if their designers did the same thing. For example, would John Carmack moonlight as a secret designer of uberweapons in Rage? Or would the discovery of Shigeru Miyamoto in Mario Galaxy 2 unlock a galaxy containing all of his games as a bonus? We can always hope.

So, if Assassin’s Creed were being made into a movie…

I hadn’t heard of Damien Walters until I saw this, but it turns out that he’s a phenomenal gymnast and free runner that’s represented the UK in worldwide competition in the past and is now a member of Jackie Chan’s own stunt team.

If Assassin’s Creed needs someone to dress up like Altair or Enzo in a film, this guy could be on the short list. At the very least, he’d be pretty convincing on Halloween jumping from house to house, leaping over kids, and rushing through narrow alleyways for candy. Hey, it could happen.