Trailer: Battlefield 3

DICE and Electronic Arts today released a new trailer focused on Battlefield 3’s multiplayer, also known as the part of the game that FPS fans will actually play.

Trailer: The Avengers

Here’s the trailer for Marvel Comics’ and Paramount Pictures’ film version of the Avengers, which is scheduled to be released in May:

The Tech-Out critique: Movie trailer editors really need to figure out a way to build the audience’s interest without relying on the same old tricks. The first few seconds of this trailer seems to be the same as the trailer for every other action movie in the last five years. Start out slow and scary, give the impression of some kind of sinister threat and have a loud sound effect on each cut.

On the positive side, Robert Downey Jr. is playing Tony Stark again. Downey’s portrayal of Stark as a fast-talking narcissist with a reluctant conscience in the first “Iron Movie” is probably the best acting in any superhero flick.

Trailer: Kid Icarus: Uprising

The good news is that the visuals, especially the backgrounds, in Kid Icarus: Uprising look amazing in this trailer.

The bad news is that the game is being delayed again. Nintendo promised at E3 that the much-anticipated title would be out for the Nintendo 3DS before 2012, but the game is not going to make that deadline, the company reported today.

Better late than lame (in a similar vein, I don’t know if I saw any complaints when Bioware pushed Mass Effect 3 into next year), but the hype around Uprising seems to put it in the position of being the game that makes or breaks the 3DS.

Video embedded from the unofficial Nintendo 3DS channel on YouTube

GamesCom Trailer: Mass Effect 3

Here’s BioWare’s new trailer for Mass Effect 3, a game which is sure to disappoint series fans because the game’s protagonis, space marine Commander Shepard, shoots his enemies instead of defeating them with mathematical calculations.

I kid, but if you want to debate whether the Mass Effect franchise is a true RPG series because developers are switching to player-controlled instead of stat-based combat, look elsewhere.

I’d rather debate whether a game is entertaining or not than insist that developers adhere to rigid genre conventions. FWIW, I like most of the changes made between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 except for the “heat clips,” since it seemed weird that Shepard and crew no longer had virtually unlimited ammo.

Also, I’d like to see a non-annoying human female among the crew, but I guess BioWare developers just like forcing players choose between “romance” with an ill-tempered human and a sane alien.