E3: Nintendo’s Press Conference


Nintendo came on strong in their press conference. Hot on the heels of the 25th Anniversary of the Legend of Zelda, Nintendo also took the time to finally unveil their successor to the Wii. Did they win everything? I felt their conference did really well for them. But calling it the Wii U? Either they’re being zen about the name, or Nintendo is basically telling everyone that no matter what they call it, they’re ready to print money.

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It’s confirmed: Nintendo has a new console at E3


A number of news outlets on the ‘net from MCV to VG247 have confirmed that Nintendo’s long rumored successor to the Wii is coming out to play at this year’s E3. MCV’s report, in particular, mentions that the new hardware is slated for a 2012 release.

Now the big question on many players’ minds is if it’s going to cater equally to both casuals and ‘hardcore’ gamers.

The distinctions between the two crowds have often been pointed in what games they prefer – hardcores have generally bemoaned the plethora of titles such as Carnival Games and Wii Play, while a game such as Mad World seemed out of place on the console by so-called casuals. It also doesn’t help that its shelves have been flooded by shovelware – cheap games with equally as cheap gameplay – diluting the overall quality of its library. Everyone wanted a piece of the huge Wii pie and Nintendo apparently had no problems in letting them grab for it all at once.

Of course, it’s way too early to tell. It’ll be years before we can see just what the new system is actually capable of and to whom it will mostly appeal to – the games are what will set it apart and we haven’t heard too much about those yet. Likely guaranteed are a new Zelda and Mario game sometime in its future. After all, this is Nintendo.

E3 will have more of the answers – and probably provide as many questions. Only one thing’s for certain: Nintendo hasn’t stopped surprising us yet.

Catching up … Gradius ReBirth is out

Sorry. I’ve been preoccupied with Resident Evil 5, so I’ve been delinquent. I’m throwing some day-old Wii news at you. Konami released Gradius ReBirth on WiiWare, and you can download it for 1000 Wii points. It’s rated E for Everyone. Old-school Nintendo Entertainment System gamers will rejoice, as Gradius was one of the more memorable side-to-side pure shooters ever. Ah, the days when I remember my older brother throwing cartridges at the wall whenever he died at a boss for the 10th time — games were harder back then.

Anyway, I got shots, and now, so do you: Enjoy. Remember, it’s retro homage stuff.