Here’s the soundtrack for NBA 2K11

Today, 2K announced the track list for NBA 2K11, which is going to have Jordan on the cover. Behold, the music:

* 1. Snoop Dogg – NBA 2K Theme
* 2. Big Boi – Shutterbug
* 3. Drake – Over
* 4. Cassidy – Game Time
* 5. Ron Artest – Champion
* 6. Duck-Down All-Stars feat. Buckshot, Skyzoo, Promise, and Sean Price – Better Than You
* 7. The Alan Parsons Project – Sirius
* 8. Art vs. Science – Hollywood
* 9. Big Rock Candy Mountain – Rocketship
* 10. Brunettes – Red Rollerskates
* 11. Chicharones – Little By Little
* 12. Children Collide – Skeleton Dance
* 13. Constellations feat. Asher Roth- We’re Here To Save The Day
* 14. Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi – Symphonies (Remix)
* 15. Delorean – Deli
* 16. Ev – Home Of The Brave (Instrumental)
* 17. Failsafe – Hope & Only If We Learn
* 18. HOGNI – Bow Down
* 19. Kidz In Space – Downtime
* 20. Middleman – It’s Not Over Yet
* 21. Rakaa feat. Aloe Blaac – Crown Of Thorns
* 22. The Redland – So Far
* 23. The Russian Futurists – Paul Simon & Precious Metals
* 24. Sonny Bones – Rise
* 25. Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk
* 26. Yung Autmatik & Bayroot Productions – Go Hard or Go Home
* 27. Dux Jones – Pourin’ It On

I bolded the Ron-Ron track for fans of the defending champs. You guys will get to enjoy the music, and perhaps play a little hoops, when the game comes out Oct. 5.

E3: A look back on Day Two


Day Two started off earlier, mainly due to the first day starting at noon. A few appointments were penciled in including another one with Activision who had given us a chance to check out the new True Crime. My brother was ready to hit most of those leaving me to wander the floor to take a look at what else was being shown. The first day was a brief tour in the West Hall. Now it was time to hit the South Hall where the third parties, and Microsoft, was lurking.
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Review: Major League Baseball 2K10


From staff reports:

It seems like an eternity since EA Sports stopped making Major League Baseball titles, leaving gamers to decide between MLB The Show (if one has PS3), or the 2K games.

That’s meant an absolute disaster for XBox gamers, who’ve had only the 2K series to turn to each spring.

Every year, lovers of baseball and video games put the disk in their systems hoping it’ll be the year 2K finally breaks through and produces a game that’s both playable and engaging. And every year, it seems, the game is better than the previous year but never quite hits a home run.

Major League Baseball 2K10 shows the game’s designers are working hard to shake their reputation for warning-track ability.

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Review: Borderlands

33883-Borderlands E3 Screenshot 4-thumb-480x270-thumb-480x270-28539.jpg

Cool guns have become as much a part of gaming’s fabric as health packs and life meters. Whether it’s a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle or a machine gun that fires heat-seeking bullets, many gamers have their favorite brands of fire-spitting, death-spewing hardware. For some, it’s even an obsession.

That’s where the true power of Gearbox’s Borderlands lies. It’s the “Guns & Ammo” of gaming, appealing to our inner firearms enthusiast. Not only does it stroke our urge to search for, collect and play with new toys that go bang, it gives us the ultimate playground. Sure there’s a plot and a story, but who cares when you have a high-powered rifle that shoots electric rounds?

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