Nintendo: 3DS sales up 260 percent since price drop

Nintendo reported selling more than 235,000 Nintendo 3DS units last month, and the company attributed a significant number of those sales to its recent major price drop for the handheld.

Nintendo cut the 3DS’ MSRP from $249.99 to $169.99 on Aug. 12. Since the price cut, retailers moved roughly 185,000 3DS units. Nintendo’s report of a 260 percent sales increase refers specifically to units sold during the last 19 months of August when compared to those sold during the last months of July.

Players who purchased a 3DS before the price drop became 3DS Ambassadors,  a title that wouldn’t mean much except for the free downloadable games. Titles released so far are all throwbacks to the NES era, such Super Mario Bros., Metroid, The Legend of Zelda and Wrecking Crew, the last being one of the earlier and more obscure Mario titles. Another 10 games from the Game Boy Advance era are set to be released later.

What will be the long-term impacts of the price drop? Will more new buyers flock to the 3DS startinf Friday, when stores begin selling the “flame red” colored model and Star Fox 64 3D? Will  Kotaku will stop badmouthing the 3DS? Will Giant Bomb readers make their peace with plans to release a second circle-pad add-on? Will this writer ever finish the Adventure of Link, another of the NES downloads? I don’t know.

That game was hard, man.


Megaman Legends 3 Canceled


A message posted to Megaman Legends 3’s Developer Room site has confirmed the worst: Megaman won’t be returning to his RPG-lite series on the 3DS.

The project had elicited the help of fans in designing a new character for the game as well as a new robot enemy through contests designed to bring fans closer to the production of the title.

Regular updates were made by the staff within a “Developer Room” site at Capcom’s Japanese and North American sites, fielding questions and keeping everyone updated on the project. It was a rare level of transparency that Platinum Games’ had also engaged fans with through blog entries following the development of games such as Bayonetta.

When Keiji Inafune had left Capcom shortly after Capcom had revealed their Megaman Legends 3 project for the Nintendo 3DS, fans were understandably worried over whether the project would survive without him.

It was already a huge surprise to many considering that the last Legends game, Mega Man Legends 2, came out in 2000. The Mega Man godfather had even mentioned interest in doing a follow-up to Legends 2 in an interview with Gamespot in 2007.

Capcom did their best to assure everyone that the the game wouldn’t be impacted by Inafune’s departure, though it’s hard not to think about the kind of influence one-time series producer could have brought to the game. Yet the collection of blog postings and updates at Capcom’s Developer Room had shown that the team behind the game was working to make it a worthy successor to the series that Inafune had started.

And now, it looks like we’ll never know how it could have turned out at all.

E3: A look back on Day Three


Day Three was a relaxed day for us. Only a handful of appointments and the crowds were a little thinner as quite a few people decided to head home once they’ve gotten their fill of news. I don’t blame them. My feet at this point were turning to mush from all of the standing and walking, but the end was in sight. Almost. Today was a catch up day for anything interesting that I wanted to see for myself so we weren’t under any pressure to run from one booth to the other.

Then again, the Lakers were defending their title at the Staples Center that evening making getting out early something of a priority. When Angelinos tell you to go home instead of hanging around to see burning taxis win or lose, it’s probably good advice.
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