Review: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon


“Ace Combat: Assault Horizon” is an enjoyable title, but one that feels as if it could have been much better.

Project Aces, the development team behind previous Ace Combat titles,
achieved mixed results in their attempt to reinvent the Ace Combat series. At its best, Assault Horizon offers an arcade-style flight game with just enough simulator-esque touches to let aircraft enthusiasts imagine they are piloting one of several military jets.

At its worst, however, Assault Horizon suffers from an all-too-obvious attempt to abandon the franchise’s identity in order to imitate Michael Bay-style movie making. In other words, explosions, flashy visuals and loud noises take too much precedence over suspense, drama and personality.

The upshot is that Assault Horizon may please gamers who are hungry for a flight-themed title, but is unlikely to emerge as a must-have during a highly-competitive holiday release season.

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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon aircraft revealed

Tech-Out has a list of the more than 30 aircraft players will be able to fly in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

The game is scheduled for an Oct. 11 release for PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. The list, with links to information on each fighter, bomber, helicopter and the game’s lone gunship, are after the jump:

F-22 Raptor








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GamesCom Trailer: Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Here’s the trailer for Ace Combat Assault Horizon.

I thought the last game in the series, “Fires of Liberation,” provided a decent blend of simulator-style play (as in the HUD) and arcade-style gaming (jets can carry dozens of missiles). I also enjoyed the visuals, but thought it was weird that players had to “buy” aircraft.

Assault Horizon will trade in its predecessor’s fictional settings for air combat above real world places, and Washington, D.C. is clearly visible in the new trailer.