Review: Army of Two – The 40th Day (X360)


Army of Two surprised many players with its gritty take on PMCs and real-world conflict zones while annoying others with its two leads, the veteran Rios and his gung-ho partner, Salem, as they fist bumped and air guitar’ed their way through Somalia and the Middle East. For co-op warriors, however, its blend of team play and explosive action were enough to overlook the duo’s burgeoning bromance.

40th Day picks up on the exploits of Army of Two’s Rios and Salem, two mercs that find themselves in Shanghai thanks to what they think will be an easy payday. Unfortunately, when the city begins to explode all around them from a surprise attack led by other mercenaries, and the fact that they themselves may have contributed in some way to it, surviving to escape turns into the only reward worth seeking.
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