Batman: Arkham City is our Game of the Year

Tech-Out conducted a highly unscientific poll of its team of contributors to name 2011’s best game, and “Batman: Arkham City” took the top prize.

Current and former staffers for The Sun and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspapers comprised the majority of our panel. We don’t get to cover games full time (I spend most of my days as a business reporter), but we like games and like to share our opinions on which titles are worth playing .

As for Arkham City, here’s what contributor Reggie Carolipio, who also reviewed the title, had to say:

Arkham Asylum resurrected the Dark Knight’s career in gaming in much
the same way that Christopher Nolan’s Batman resurrected his
onscreen legend, and Arkham City delivered even more high-flying
crimebusting and street-level beat downs than its predecessor.
Squeeze in a who’s who of bad guys ranging from the Penguin to
Two-Face, a host of storied side missions, the Riddler, and Arkham
City isn’t so much of a sequel as it is a new chapter in the Caped
Crusader’s career.

We liked other games, too. The runners up are after the jump.
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Review: Batman – Arkham City (PS3)


Rocksteady’s Arkham Asylum was heralded by many as the most definitive Batman game ever made up to 2009. It garnered accolades from many and even from the Guinness Book of World Records as “The Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever”. Even with its flaws, it was an enjoyable romp as one of DC Comics’ most iconic characters, though the incredible hype machine had also cast a shadow over the sequel.

Stringing up bad guys on rafters and beating everyone down with the Bat’s martial expertise in a game soaked with as much respect for the source material as it was from the animated series was great fun in Asylum, so getting a sequel was almost a foregone conclusion especially given the ending. Two years later, here we are with Arkham City. And the good news is that it’s polished with the lessons Rocksteady had learned from the first game.
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Batman: Arkham City leads today’s new games

Batman: Arkham City easily ranks as today’s most anticipated new game.

The sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum includes appearances by classic Batman villains like the Joker, Riddler and Poison Ivy. The game also features voice acting from Mark Hamill, who played the Joker in “Batman: The Animated Series” and writing from Paul Dini, a wordsmith who contributed his talents to that terrific show.

Batman: Arkham City is released for PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. The game’s PC release is set for Nov. 15.

A list of more games out can be found here. Among the other new releases, I think the most intriguing is Rocksmith, a title billed as more of a guitar instructional than a game per se.

Batman: Arkham City gets new gameplay trailer

Here’s some new footage of “Batman: Arkham City.” I had some technical difficulties posting it (ironic, right?) but the good people at IGN were kind enough to put the trailer on YouTube.

Here ya go:

I have to say I dig The Heavy’s “Short Change Hero” on the soundtrack.

Batman: Arkham City is scheduled for an Oct. 18 release for PC, PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. The game is being developed by Rocksteady Studios for WB Games.