Review: Bioshock 2


Bioshock 2 is the sequel to the “thinking man’s” shooter which had shaken expectations within the slowly drowning underwater utopia of Rapture. The first game took place in 1960 and escaping it was the player’s only goal after a mid-ocean airplane crash leaves him the only survivor. But in doing so, they also unraveled the city’s fiction of shattered lives and lost, art-deco glory to individualism run amok.
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Bioshock 2’s CE edition brings turntable love

The first Bioshock CE came with a Big Daddy statuette and plenty of support from developer, Irrational Games, in providing freebies such as a digital art book, soundtrack, and free replacements for the Big Daddies that didn’t survive their trip in the mail.

They wanted to do more for the fans, but at the time, no one was sure just how well the game would actually do to justify going all out with a full blown CE. Just offering what they could was a surprise in and of itself (as well as turning those Big Daddy statuettes into something of a collector’s item) to everyone anticipating it.

But Bioshock was a huge success and now it almost looks as if they’ve been given a blank check to pull out all of the stops for the sequel’s CE.

Looking at it, I could go for the hardcover art-book, but the other items are also interesting for those wanting to dress up their homes as if they were living in Rapture. Also included are three retro, 60’s-styled posters, a CD containing the orchestral score and get this…a vinyl LP with the same score with its own album sleeve. Now you can laugh at everyone else that had thrown out their turntables for little platters of overpriced, shiny plastic!

But the price is just a wee over what I had expected to spend for this fan pack. The console version is going for about $100 (the PC version is ten dollars less) on Gamestop and Amazon, and here’s what it looks like courtesy of the official site: