Star Wars: The Old Republic beta weekend


The Inquisitor looked at me expectantly, hoping to see what nugget of information I would pry loose from the victim strapped to the table. The man coolly went about his business while my prey writhed in fear of what was to come. But after a few words of calm and a promise of help, his will melted before this unexpected kindness. And I kept my word, seeing that he would leave Korriban’s tombs and its Academy politic far behind him.

I was Sith. Sith, with a heart of compassion for those that deserved it…and an unrelenting storm to those that did not.

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Mass Effect 3 delayed to 2012

Bioware and EA Games will delay releasing Mass Effect 3 until 2012.

After setting out on an Internet search after seeing news of the delay on Twitter, this writer traced the news to Mass Effect 2’s Facebook page.

I’ve seen a lot of web comments from players who seem to be OK with delay, especially considering the widespread opinions that Dragon Age II – another Bioware/EA Games release – seemed rushed and oversimplified.

Tech-Out reviewer Todd Kistler liked much of the Dragon Age II’s storytelling aspects, but also found the game to over-simplified when compared to its predecessor.

In other EA News, the Redwood City-based publisher announced its fiscal results today. The firm reported a $312-million loss for the year ending March 31. That figure signified an improvement over the previous year’s loss of $677 million.

Review: Dragon Age 2


Varric the dwarf knows what makes a good story. A strong character and a
trusty sidekick go a long way, but impossible
odds and an epic scale create staying power.

“Dragon Age 2,” with Varric as its only slightly trustworthy narrator, tracks the rise of the Champion of Kirkwall from refugee to leading citizen. As the champion, Hawke to your friends, Dragon Age 2 is the story of your rise to power. Whether man or woman, peacemaker or warmonger, your Hawke will deal with a good deal of quandaries, no one makes it to the top unscathed.
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Are you a part of Cerberus?


If you had bought Mass Effect 2 as a brand new game, you would get an access code to the Cerberus Network which came with a few pieces of free DLC as a nice bonus.

It was also another way of making a brand new purchase a far more attractive option than a used one since the code could only be used once. If you wanted the goodies but bought a used copy, you’d have to pony up $15 for a fresh code. It’s also part of a trend in trying to make new copies of games more attractive to buyers than used ones. And Bioware is raising the ante with even more free DLC for would-be operatives.

According to the announcement on Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 site:

“Free to all Cerberus Network members, the Firewalker pack includes 5 all new missions featuring the Hammerhead. Hovering over the battlefield at up to 120 kilometeres per hour, the Hammerhead also boasts a guided missile system ensuring accuracy even during aggressive maneuvering.”

It won’t kill the thrill of finding a favorite oldie at rock bottom prices, but it certainly gives another reason to buy a new copy depending on how much you think the DLC is worth it since it’s still the complete game without all of the additional stuff. But getting a heaping load of free fun on top of what is already there? Now that’s fan service.

“Dragon Age: Origins” review

We should all be used to compelling, immersive role-playing games from Bioware by now, but “Dragon Age: Origins” stands out even while following in the footsteps such games as “Mass Effect” and “Knights of the Old Republic.”

“Dragon Age” sets its roots in familiar swords-and-sorcery territory, but Bioware’s always-great writing and wonderful design set the game apart from its genre competitors. You’ll enter a world in a time of crisis, and you’ll have to get your hands dirty to have any hope of making things right.
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E3: Day Three means that I have no more feet…


It’s the end of Day Three at E3 and I am exhausted. Completely and utterly wiped out. So many games, so little padding left on my feet meant that the end was actually a welcome event. Kudos to everyone at all of the booths that continued to repeat the same spiel again and again all day long over and beyond the three days of the conference. They’re the real heroes.

With that said, I did a final sweep of the halls to see what there was to see and get in a little more play time with the titles that I could get to. So here we go…
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