Review: Borderlands

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Cool guns have become as much a part of gaming’s fabric as health packs and life meters. Whether it’s a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle or a machine gun that fires heat-seeking bullets, many gamers have their favorite brands of fire-spitting, death-spewing hardware. For some, it’s even an obsession.

That’s where the true power of Gearbox’s Borderlands lies. It’s the “Guns & Ammo” of gaming, appealing to our inner firearms enthusiast. Not only does it stroke our urge to search for, collect and play with new toys that go bang, it gives us the ultimate playground. Sure there’s a plot and a story, but who cares when you have a high-powered rifle that shoots electric rounds?

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E3: Borderlands


When I saw this game for the first time at last year’s E3, I came out slightly underwhelmed. To me, the only thing worth mentioning was the fact that you could have 500,000 weapons at your disposal. Tons-o-guns are great, but what else is there?

Turns out, there’s plenty, and now this game’s near the top of my must-have list. What grabbed me in Gearbox’s presentation this year was their artistic direction … this is NOT the game I checked out last time.

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