“First Strike” maps released for CoD: Black Ops

XBox Live players can buy five new multiplayer maps for “Call of Duty: Black Ops” (Activision, Treyarch) as of today’s release of the new “First Strike” DLC.

CoD fans who actually played Black Ops’ well-made, entertaining and insanely unrealistic* single-player campaign will remember most the game’s action taking place in Cold War scenarios such as the Bay of Pigs, Vietnam and Laos. 

49676-Berlin Wall-thumb-300x168-49675.jpg

The new map pack continues the Free World vs. Commies theme with a map featuring fighting on both sides of the Berlin Wall. The remaining four maps are “Stadium,” the Antarctic setting of “Discovery,” the high-rise cityscape of “Kowloon” and “Ascension,” which is a new setting for players to shoot at zombie communists and monkeys.

“First Strike” retails for 1200 Microsoft Points on XBox Live.

*Had anything like half the missions in this game actually happened, World War III would have happened. (And let’s not talk about that plot twist.)

Review: Call of Duty – Black Ops


If there’s one thing Call of Duty: Black Ops keeps trying to tell me, I think it’s this: War is awesome.

Real war, of course, is far from that, but Treyarch’s latest work isn’t interested in painting any solemn pictures of the realities of battle. Instead, it uses American war history as the canvas for a wild experience that warms itself in the fires of explosive action-movie theatrics.

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