Konami announces new DLC for “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow”

Konami announced today that two downloadable add-ons for “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow” are scheduled to be released early next year.

From Konami’s press release:

In “Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Reverie,” players will return to the Castle as Gabriel to help Laura, the former servant to the vampire Carmilla, in destroying the unruly evil that was previously kept in check by the recently slain Queen. 

Once completed, fans of the series can download the second DLC entitled “Resurrection,” which continues the story directly after the end of the original game and gives some insight into the dramatic epilogue seen by players upon completion and Gabriel’s ultimate destiny. 

Tech Out contributor Reggie Carolipio gave Lords of Shadow a favorable review in October. The game is available for PS3 and XBox 360, but it would be hard to find an NES fan who did not enjoy the really, really hard original from 1987.

Review: Castlevania – Lords of Shadow (X360)


It’s been five years since Castlevania’s last big outing on consoles, Curse of Darkness, whipped its way to shelves for the Xbox and PS2 – two years if anyone wants to count the wish-we-could-forget Wii-only fighting game, Judgement. While portables like the Nintendo DS and Sony’s PSP kept Konami’s storied franchise alive with hits such as Dawn of Sorrow, console fans have been left to wait for their own vampire killer. Now Lords of Shadow has finally arrived, complete with a Shakespearean read-along.
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Castlevania shows off for Europe

This week, Gamescom is being held for the first time in Germany as Europe’s version of E3. Along with Sony’s news concerning PS3’s slimmer look and lower price, gamers have also been eagerly awaiting any new tidbits that the exhibitors might share with the crowd and so far, they haven’t disappointed.

Castlevania’s new iteration had been unveiled at E3 with little else to go on, but a new trailer from Gamescom has dropped a few more hints on what the gameplay should look like. To say that what we’ve seen so far shares reminds me of God of War would be an understatement, there’s really nothing wrong with that if the formula can work and feel like a Castelvania. Kojima Productions is involved with this which should be enough to get people excited.

While most of those that have seen the E3 trailer won’t see too much that is new, the trailer does show off a cinematic shedding a little more light on the story as well as the whip being used Tomb Raider-style in swinging through an obstacle. And it also ends with only a voice that can only belong to the series’ main villain.

Patrick Stewart (Star Trek, X-Men, Dune), , Robert Carlyle (The World is Not Enough), and Natascha McElhone (Solaris, Ronin) are listed in the trailer below in voicing the characters that you will be hearing and there’s a fourth who I’m assuming is Dracula. Rumor has it that Lucius Malfoy himself, Jason Isaacs, might be the voice taunting Gabriel at the end who can only be the vampire himself.