Review: Dance Paradise

50747-Dance Paradise screenshot-thumb-480x270-50746.jpg

By Brittany Vincent

I never thought I’d see the day where dance games would become so
popular. As a Dance Dance Revolution vet, I’ve gleefully accepted the
Kinect revolution with open arms. Dance Central, then Dance Masters, and
now Dance Paradise — it’s a regular fantasy land for those of us who
like to get our groove on.

Dance Paradise is the newest addition to the
Kinect library, though quite far from the best. It’s a light, fluffy
dance game with few complex elements and surely nothing that could give
Dance Central “hard” vets a run for their money…in fact, one might go
so far as to say that this is more like an Xbox Live Arcade offering for the Kinect, except is comes saddled with a hefty price tag and a “real” box.

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