Review: Darksiders II (X360)


In 2010, the first thing that Darksiders did was to destroy the world. It brought on the Apocalypse reserving players a front row seat as one of the Four Horsemen. Humanity was dead, and War was on the march.

Fueled by the vision of comics industry veteran, Joe Madureira, and his team at Vigil Games, it took the charred building blocks of a Biblical end and gleefully twisted them into a vast adventure battling through the aftermath as angels and demons fought over the bones of what was left. But like any good story, there’s always more to tell. And like any good sequel, there’s always more than one way to improve on the original.

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Review: Darksiders


The Bible can serve as quite the muse. Swords, fire, horsemen, demons, seven seals — the more you look, you find the Good Book can inspire good hell-raising fantasy, where the fate of mankind usually hangs in the balance.

So it’s interesting that in Darksiders, Vigil Games’ apocalyptic tale, humanity has been completely eliminated from the equation. The story reduces us to dust in the wind, smears on the feet of giant bloodthirsty demons or on the armor of the angels fighting them. In doing so, Vigil has cleared the way for an action quest of epic power and scale, the kind of experience that asks — or takes — a lot from anyone who plays it.
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This is not Spawn

Vigil Games’ Darksiders has been laying somewhat low for a title that has been compared to as a cross between Devil May Cry and God of War, but with E3 approaching, a teaser or two courtesy of Gametrailers have come out to remind players why they should care about the game.

If you don’t know what Darksiders is, the game pulls a page from the Book of Revelation by tweaking the coming Apocalypse into having it occur much sooner than had been expected by either Heaven or Hell. The Four Horsemen ride out to do what they do best, but War is betrayed and loses most of his powers for reasons as yet unexplained. Now it’s up to him to discover who is responsible for the early arrival of the End of Days while he works to regain his former powers. And now that the Apocalypse is here, both angels and demons will be around to make War’s day even worse without having to wait for Dan Brown to expose them.