Dead Island is still kicking around


A new trailer was released for Dead Island, a survival-horror game that was announced nearly four years ago and then just as quickly disappeared into vaporware. It’s being done by Polish developer, Techland, whom some might remember for the Western-styled FPS, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. It’s still alive and it’s actually expected out this year on the PC, PS3, and the Xbox 360. If Techland can make the game as fun as Bound in Blood, Capcom’s Dead Rising might actually find itself with a little competition.

It’s described as something of a ‘Dead Rising’ styled zombie masher with an RPG system in place to allow characters learn skills that can help them survive the outbreak. But it’s unique in that the outbreak takes place at an island resort leaving the survivors with very little to fight back with except for their wits and whatever they can get their hands on. The smell of coconut oil might only make you seem more appetizing to the walking dead.

Still, there’s really not much else to go on other than the bare basics. Oh, and there’s the new, 18+ or older only trailer I mentioned. It’s a remarkable piece of work even though it shows no gameplay. It’s depressing and shocking at the same time and not because of the gore that spills from nearly every frame, so be warned when you click on this link to IGN to see it. Definitely not what your typical zombie trailer.