Review: EA’s Dead Space 2 is the new gold standard in survival horror

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By Michael Sorba

The original “Dead Space” breathed new life into the survival horror genre when the game hit consoles in 2008, and its briskly-paced sequel sacrifices none of the terrifying, unsettling atmosphere that made the original so special.

The developers at Visceral Games force the player to endure a constant struggle that is the  essence of survival horror. Playing “Dead Space 2,” I felt the same feelings I did while playing the first Resident Evil titles on the Playstation 1.

Playing “Dead Space 2″ is a stressful experience. It’s not for the faint of heart and will try one’s patience, but with Dead Space 2, Visceral Games now holds title to the finest survival horror franchise in gaming.

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E3: A look back on Day Three


Day Three was a relaxed day for us. Only a handful of appointments and the crowds were a little thinner as quite a few people decided to head home once they’ve gotten their fill of news. I don’t blame them. My feet at this point were turning to mush from all of the standing and walking, but the end was in sight. Almost. Today was a catch up day for anything interesting that I wanted to see for myself so we weren’t under any pressure to run from one booth to the other.

Then again, the Lakers were defending their title at the Staples Center that evening making getting out early something of a priority. When Angelinos tell you to go home instead of hanging around to see burning taxis win or lose, it’s probably good advice.
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E3: A look back on Day Two


Day Two started off earlier, mainly due to the first day starting at noon. A few appointments were penciled in including another one with Activision who had given us a chance to check out the new True Crime. My brother was ready to hit most of those leaving me to wander the floor to take a look at what else was being shown. The first day was a brief tour in the West Hall. Now it was time to hit the South Hall where the third parties, and Microsoft, was lurking.
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