Jets, prone, and Battlefield? Oh yes.


According to Battlefield’s official blog, those bits are officially in for EA’s Battlefield 3. Yeah, I know MAG can support 256 players in their game, but there’s always something special about a Battlefield title that makes having 64 players on the field even more exciting.

Unfortunately, that’s only if you have a PC. Still, I remember when Battlefield 1942 on the PC had modded servers allowing for up to 64 players. The default was 32, but with a few tweaks – and enough horsepower – modders found ways around that limitation.

Even without 64 players on consoles, players on each platform (Xbox 360, PS3, and PCs) will still get jets and the ability to actually go prone which was something of a criticism with the previous Bad Company games when it was taken out. Sneaky players will finally get something new to crow about when they shoot the ankles out from beneath their enemies.

There’s no firm date yet aside from this Fall setting it up to be another painful pounding on everyone’s wallets all over again.

Preview: Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360)


Last Thursday, EA DICE has released a multiplayer demo for the Xbox 360 and a beta for PC players for their new shooter, the sequel to Battlefield: Bad Company, and I got a chance to play around with it on the weekend. The PS3’s own public demo will be coming out later this week.

So do I like it? You bet. I kind of find myself wanting to play the demo over my full copy of MW2.
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