Dora the Explorer: The tween years

You’d figure Dora the Explorer would age eventually, right? Turns out Mattel thought the same thing, which is why they showed off the new Dora Links Fashion doll at this year’s Toy Fair. However, there’s been some negative buzz as to Dora’s new look, in the form of a released silhouette:


Now, I can actually see why the silhouette would freak some people out. It looks like she’s got a miniskirt and curvy legs. Quite a departure.

But this is how she actually looks … and people still have a problem:


OK, I’m not a parent. Perhaps I’m missing some kind of instinct, that piercing urge to express outrage. But I don’t see what the issue is.

She’s got longer hair (which, I guess happens when you AGE), she’s not showing any skin, she’s not in heels, she’s got a few new accessories (including earrings, which isn’t unusual) … I don’t get it. Why are some people still ready to put her at Pharaoh’s on a Saturday night? Am I not seeing something?

As for the doll, you can connect it via USB to the computer and actually use the computer to customize the doll. Kids can make Dora’s hair grow, change the color of her earrings, etc. There’s also an alert system that lets you know when there’s new stuff to explore on the Dora Web site. I can only imagine the potential shopping craze this could cause.