I Pwned that Promotion

From Australia comes a news story where an assistant professor has motivated his class by throwing out the grading scale by using experience points instead. From the article, Lee Sheldon of the Indiana University has been quoted as saying:

“As the gamer generation moves into the mainstream workforce, they are willing and eager to apply the culture and learning-techniques they bring with them from games,” said Sheldon, a gamer, game designer and assistant professor at the university’s department of telecommunications.

“It will be up to management, often of pre-gamer generations, to figure out how to educate themselves to the gamer culture, and how to speak to it most effectively,” he told iTnews.

You can read the rest of the article here. Apparently, according to the article, his students have taken to this unorthodox approach with “greater enthusiasm”. I know I would have for certain classes back in the day.

That’s not to say that every cup of joe you drink at the office will restore your health (although it can seem that way) or that every copy you make will earn points towards a new desk, though. Instead, he’s trying to make the point that “providing defined goals, incremental rewards, and balancing effort and reward” are key to happy employees.

As others may tell you, though, that’s a lot easier said than done, but it’s definitely a noble effort in engaging his particular audience. In this case, his students. Other employers do the same thing in other ways, such as Google which provides a vast number of perks and rewards for its employees to keep them happy, not the least of which is allowing them to work on projects that don’t have to do with Google at all to prepare for the possibility that they might want to head out and start their own business with what they have learned. Try doing that at a few other jobs, and it could get you fired.

Still, as one of the comments to the article have jokingly mentioned, using a literal interpretation of Lee’s approach would probably make for interesting Boss fights. But the grind would probably still be there to deal with.