Viva New Vegas!


From Bethesda Softworks arrives an official press release for Fallout: New Vegas, a completely standalone adventure under development by the crew at Obsidian Entertainment. If you didn’t have enough post-apocalyptic fun with Fallout 3, get ready to head back into the wastes with a completely new adventure this Fall for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Games for Windows for PCs.

Does that mean this is Fallout 4? Nope, but it takes place in the same world pioneered with the first Fallout (and continued with Fallout 3) when members of Obsidian had worked on it as a part of the development team at Interplay before striking out on their own.

Read that again: members of the original Fallout crew (i.e. the ones that came up with the whole Fallout idea) are working on this. It might not mean much to those whose first exposure to the series was with Fallout 3, but for old-as-dirt Vault Dwellers like myself, it’s a big deal when Fallouts 1 and 2 were undeniably classic material. Where do you think Fallout 3 got the idea to be able to plant live grenades in people’s pockets first? I’m also hoping they include the nuclear car from the second game. So much fun.

And in checking out the trailer, it looks like Obsidian is making more than a few nods in that direction. In Wasteland, considered the granddaddy of Fallout,urban legend held that the reason Vegas dodged a nuke was because the house had bet against one hitting the city…and no one wins against the house. The New California Republic flag waving at the end was a very cool touch. Haven’t seen them since…Fallout 2.

Seems that the last century’s been really good to them. Really good.


You can read the official release after the jump.

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Fallout 3’s Broken Steel is actually broken

Fallout 3 fans on PCs were disappointed to discover that the newest downloadable content for the game, Broken Steel, has gone missing from Games for Windows Live. The Xbox 360 version, however, remains listed.

The reason behind this seems to be that the early birds lucky enough to grab the download in the wee hours of the morning have reported that it is plagued with several issues, some of which prevent it from being completed. An active thread on Bethesda’s official forum is currently tracking the problems that upset users are more than happy to share.

VG247 has a statement from a Bethesda spokesperson who points the blame at the DRM used by Games for Windows Live, the delivery service through which users can purchase Broken Steel.

Bethesda Softworks has yet to officially acknowledge the problems or issue a statement or their own site or within their forums concerning the reasons for why the content was apparently pulled.

UPDATE: Sites such as Planet Fallout and, earlier today, Eurogamer, have confirmed that the issue is connected to the DRM installed via Games for Windows Live.

In related news, no one is surprised.

Fallout 3’s Broken Steel Spread

Aside from the news that Obsidian and Bethesda have teamed up to create a new Fallout adventure, New Vegas, screenshots that drop off a few hints as to what fans can expect from the latest DLC for Fallout 3, Broken Steel, have also made it into the wild.

Along with the pics, more info concerning what players will have to look forward to have also been leaked:

  • Level cap moved from 20 to 30 with new perks added in
  • New weapons, including something called a “tri-laser” and the ominous Tesla Cannon
  • Battle across the DC Wasteland against the forces of the Enclave
  • New monsters including the Ghoul Reapers and a new Super Mutant

It sounds like there will be plenty to keep players busy over the four to five hours of estimated playthrough for the DLC and with new toys, quests, and perks, it could be a lot of fun.

The Pitt might have given me pause, but Broken Steel sounds like it could sweep the problems I had with it far behind me.


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New screenshots for Fallout 3 DLC

The new downloadable content, as you may or may not know, is from The Pitt, which is slated for a March 24 release. It’ll cost you 800 points on Xbox Live and games for windows. Enjoy the newly released shots. If you want a closer look, just click on them.


Also, here’s what we thought about Fallout 3 when it originally came out.

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