Fists Full of Iron


And not the kind that EA had sent out, even if they were brass.

Namco Bandai have released a slew of new screenshots and art renders celebrating the planned upcoming release of Tekken 6 in the Fall giving console brawlers on the 360 and the PS3 something new to scrap over.

The newest iteration of the fighting franchise will be packed with everything from the arcade version plus a raft of enhancements courtesy of “the Bloodline Rebellion” update that it had received in December of ’08. Assuming that players will finally be exhausted from beating each other senseless in Street Fighter IV by the time it comes out, Tekken 6 will be stepping into the ring to keep the adrenaline flowing into every character listed on its massive roster and throughout each multi-tiered stage, day or night, off or online.

Check the rest of them out below.
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