Ghost Recon Alpha

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier is only a little more than a week away and to celebrate the series’ impending return, they’ve put together a small prequel movie called Ghost Recon Alpha.

It crams more story in the twenty minutes it runs (25 if you count the credits) than some shooters do and it does get bloody, so be warned. This goes to the mat with bad guys and bullets.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier releases on the PS3 and the Xbox 360 on May 22nd. PC is getting its own copy June 12th.

Blade Runner could return


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Blade Runner may be making a “multiplatform” comeback if Alcon Entertainment manages to get the rights to the classic sci-fi icon.

If you don’t know what Blade Runner is, you owe it to yourself to watch it especially if you like science fiction and action in the same film. Directed by Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven) and released in 1982, while it wasn’t so much of a box office smash, it regularly tops lists today on being one of finest “dirty tech” thrillers to have ever been made.

Starring Harrison Ford as a ‘Blade Runner’ – a cop who specializes in hunting down renegade cyborgs that look just like humans – the film is set in a dystopian 2019 ruled over by corporate empires towering over crowded streets, bad fashion, cigarettes, and endless, dirty rain. A game even came out years later from Westwood Studios which followed the story in parallel and featured quite a bit of cutting-edge CGI for the nineties.

So that begs the question: is a game in the offing? Maybe, maybe not. All that I’m hoping for at this point is that if Alcon does get the rights, they quash some of the chatter about “rebooting” Blade Runner. The original was a solid piece of work that doesn’t need to be remade, but the world that it takes place in is filled with a lot of possibilities.

After all, this is a future where fresh eyes are ordered up like sunglasses and which had also acted as inspiration to one particular up-and-coming games designer by the name of  Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid series). Now if only he’d come up with a new Zone of the Enders…

UPDATE (3.4.2011):
io9 landed an interview with the producers and it sounds like they’re not doing a remake, period. More like an expanded set of stories around the whole Blade Runner universe which could be awesome. Check out what they have to say at this link.

Twilight screenwriter to take on Highlander reboot


From the Hollywood Reporter comes this tidbit about writer, Melissa Rosenberg, taking over the screenwriting duties for the Highlander film reboot. You might know her best for her screenwriting work in bringing the Twilight series to the big screen. Yes, THAT Twilight with the twinkly vampires. It didn’t take long on several forums for fans of the Highlander series to roll their eyes and start worrying that she would somehow write the character as an eighteen year old, conflicted immortal with girl problems.

But hold on. Rosenberg’s obviously got talent to be able to bring enough of the Twilight films to the silver screen to appease its fanbase. She also has quite a bit of history with TV episodes from Dexter to a remake of the Magnificent Seven for the “small” screen. Still, in looking at her history, she’s done a lot of drama-driven material that doesn’t quite exactly mesh with the history-fantasy action adventure that Highlander is.

Well, time will tell whether this is a good move or not, but she wasn’t the first to take a stab at rebooting Highlander as a review or two on a purported leaked version of a previous script have proven. Still, there’s one nice thing that I can take away from all of this: we might be able to finally forget Highlander 2: The Quickening.

Inception has a Comic


I can’t wait for Inception to come out this Friday.

The basic idea behind the movie, invading people’s dreams in order to steal their secrets, isn’t a new one. We’ve seen analogues to the same thing with the Matrix, or even Dreamcape starring Jonathan Plummer, Max Von Sydow, and Dennis Quaid as the psychic dream hopper. However, this latest stab looks unbelievably crazy in Christopher Nolan’s hands.

All of which only makes me itching to see William Gibson’s cyberspace magnum opus, Neuromancer, given the same treatment. It might be coming to that, at least according to IMDB, but I’m not getting my hopes up. I’ve heard that noise before when the PC game from Interplay came out in ’88.

So Inception will be scratching that itch for now and I’m excited to see how Nolan has turned our minds into the last frontier. A prequel comic has even come out to give potential fans a little of Inception’s flavor this Friday when it comes out in theaters.

It’s pretty good and the writers might be giving a nod to ol’ Gibson and cyberspace in general with the title: The Cobol Job. COBOL is also the name of an old business programming language that doesn’t see much use today, unless you happen to be on an ancient mainframe still being used in the bowels of a Fortune 500 company because it’s cheaper than upgrading.

You can check out the action here, sit back, and just click your way through.

Red Faction: The Movie


No, really. According to Broadcasting & Cable, THQ’s game franchise, Red Faction, is getting its own two-hour movie…on Syfy.

Now before you start groaning at hearing that Syfy is involved in this one and can’t wash the memories of such notable films as SS Doomtrooper or The Black Hole (not to be confused with the fine 1979 Disney movie of the same name), the network is also known for its very gritty reboot of the Battlestar Galactica series as well as the long-running SG-1 series (now evolved into Stargate Universe) based on the Stargate film.

I’m guessing that it’s going to take its cue from the most recent game, Red Faction Guerilla. The franchise is chock full of potential story ideas depending on how they play the whole “rebellion on Mars against Earth” thing with the potential for colonial lines being drawn in the red sand, factions vying for supremacy, a bit of Mad Max in the wilderness, and making it as gritty as Battlestar.

But if they ever do it that way, only one request: retire the shaky cam “reality” thing. It’s done. It was done when the Blair Witch did it. Thank you.

Movie: 2012

34799-2012 movie poster-thumb-150x222-34797.jpg

Director Roland Emmerich’s movies are usually hit or miss, usually in trying to explain just what is going on to try and suspend your disbelief. It also looks like he’s looking to become King of the Disaster Movie. His other film which froze everything north of the equator, The Day After Tomorrow, was just a warm up…no pun intended…for this one.

But when you forget that there’s supposed to be a story behind all of the snazzy CG that he uses to wreck his worlds with, it’s almost as fun as watching Sean Connery and Natalie Wood nearly drown in chocolate milk in 1979’s, Meteor.
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