When it comes to used games and DLC, buyer beware.


It’s not a big secret that efforts are being made by companies such as EA to limit the appeal of buying used copies or pirating their games by including one-time DLC codes, a bonus for players that buy a new copy of a game. So if someone sells a used copy of say, Dragon Age or Mass Effect 2 to Gamestop, odds are very, very good that the next person won’t get the freebies from it because who can resist free stuff, right?

It’s a shrewd way of handling the used market from the publisher’s perspective, but the core game is still intact. You can still play the game all the way through to its ending, but if you want that fancy new Dragon Armor, you’ll need to pay a little extra for the privilege.

But according to IGN, it seems that one player wasn’t very happy about it.

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