Oppa Gangnam Style

You might not have heard of Korean pop artist, Psy, but his video on Youtube has gone mega-viral with over 40+ million views in the past month and a half alone prompting quite a few people to sit up and take notice such as CNN.

Even though this isn’t the first time he’s performed, his comeback after a short hiatus has been nothing short of incredible. Thanks to the social buzz chasing after his catchy tune, and the total wackiness of the video, he’s reached members of an audience that might never have bothered to know who he was. It’s par for the course for an increasingly digital world used to minting stars like Justin Bieber in the same way.

So in in this latest hit from the ‘net, Psy demonstrates his horse-like dance moves while singing on about “Gangnam Style” from parking lot decks to the inside of a bus. Surreal comedy? Certified music video genius? Or just something that only K-pop can deliver? You decide. In the meantime, I’m going to hit it up again.