Gears of War 3 teases with more info


Translated bits of an expose on GOW3 by a Russian mag had cropped up on Epic’s forums before disappearing, but not before quite a few sites had gotten their mitts on the info.

You can catch the highlights on pretty much any site out there from Kotaku to VG24/7 so if you want spoilers galore, head on over to the article. GOW guru, Cliff Bleszinski, has Tweeted that a lot of it is “false info” so take what you read with a big grain of emulsified salt.

One of the things mentioned, and which might be just as false, is the idea that GOW3 might have its difficulty lowered because a whopping “60%” never bothered to finish the single player. But, believing for a moment that this might be a piece of info that is true, isn’t that what difficulty levels are for?

Even then, I think that it was simply people opting to jump online to play multi or co-op. How many friends do you know have picked up Modern Warfare 2 for the multiplayer and not so much for the single? If the four-player co-op that Epic has planned for GOW3 can work out, I’d suspect that more people might want to forgo going at it alone to play with friends instead.

GOW3 is slated to come out next year in April and there’s a good thread over on the official forums that’s tracking whatever info the fans can glean about the game including a link to an interview that Bleszinski had given Techland that lays out quite a bit on where they’re headed.

And yes, it will have female Gears this time around. Not the kind that wade out into battle expecting a halter top to stop bullets. Looking at Anya in the pic above, more like the Ripley from Aliens. Or Vasquez.