Bill Murray is decked out…


…in his Ghostbusters gear at the Spike Scream Awards. According to the Ghostbusters III Blog, a site set up by fans tracking everything that they can find out on the new movie purportedly still in the works, Bill Murray showed up at the show in full gear to accept two awards; one for his cameo in Zombieland, and another for the movie winning “best horror movie”. Zombieland was a great movie, but “horror”? I’m still trying to figure that part out, but you can check out the rest of the pics on the site.

There’s been a lot of talk this month on the script for the new flick with Sony apparently happy with it. The big question on everyone’s mind seems to hinge on whether Bill Murray likes it or not. Akyroyd is positive that he will, so all that we can do is wait and see what happens next.

As for what it it’s going to be about, your guess is as good as mine. Over the years, bits and pieces have rumored that it was going to involve the Ghostbusters fighting an overflow of souls from Hell hitting New York City to Bill Murray returning as a ghost. But the ones that seem to have the most steam behind them are the ones that call it out as a sort of ‘passing of the torch’ kind of thing to a younger generation of Ghostbusters.

Right now, the film is rumored for a 2012 release if everything works out, so keep those streams crossed.

Mods: Niko drives the Ecto-1 and Mr. T fights Gandhi in Street Fighter

Niko has a new ride in the PC version of GTA IV thanks to a clever mod. No siren yet, or Ghostbusting equipment, but if modders can figure out how to get Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine into Vice City, then GTA IV’s world might start to become a lot more interesting in the same way.

And if driving around the city isn’t your thing, there’s always Mr. T and Gandhi fighting it out in Street Fighter IV. Yes, you read that right.

You can read up on the details on how you can try this out in the modding thread hosted at Street Fighter uber fansite, Shoryuken. In the meantime, here’s Mr. T and Gandhi smashing each other up. The names are still listed as Zangief (Mr. T) and Dhalsim (Gandhi) and the voices haven’t changed, so Mr. T sounds like a mad Russian. I’m sure someone’s bound to figure out just how to get around that, but in the meantime, enjoy the show.

Review: Ghostbusters – The Video Game


Don’t cross the streams. Go get her, Ray! Back off man … I’m a scientist.

If you remember those lines, then you might be ready to believe “Ghostbusters: The Video Game” is the perfect title for you. But if not … the experience will haunt you.
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Terminal Reality shows off gaming engine at DICE

The company Terminal Reality is flexing the muscles of it’s new Infernal Engine at the DICE Conference in Red Rock, Nev. The reason this matters is because it’s the same engine being used in the ballyhooed but yet-to-be-released Ghostbusters: The Video Game, which moves the Ghostbusters storyline forward. You play the Ghostbusters’ newest recruit.

“Terminal Reality’s Infernal Engine is a breakthrough in efficiency for game development middleware. Our licensees can leverage their work across more platforms, in less time, than any other engine – giving them a competitive edge critical for success,” said Joe Kreiner, VP of Sales and Marketing with Terminal Reality in a press release. “Our licensees get stunning visuals, fast time to market, and the support of Terminal Reality – one of most experienced independent game developers in the industry.”