God of War III stuff, and a mea culpa

I was on furlough for a week back in mid-February, but I managed to head to the God of War III preview event in Los Angeles under the umbrella of prolific gaming site worthplaying.com.

I wrote a preview for them (I had the time, after all) and you can see it here. With April Carlson of the Gaming Angels co-piloting on interviews, I think I got some good stuff. Take a look.

By the way, my apologies to some people who dropped comments on previous entries. For some reason, they got blocked by some unknown Internet force, so I didn’t know they were there, and sadly, did not respond. Also, sorry for the recent lack of posting. We’re taking furloughs here at the paper, which means many of us need to pick up the slack for others who are off. Thanks for reading or peeking at the very least.