CES: Greenpeace Green Products

Greenpeace released the Greenpeace Green Products Report during CES. Casey Harrell gives a Tech-Out reporter Redmond Carolipio, tips on what the public can do to get manufacturers produce green products.

Interesting … no Apple

I’m looking at the list of companies that refused to participate in the report. Among them are Nintendo, Microsoft, and Apple. Someone just asked about Apple not participating and wondering about how the Macbooks would have scored. Problem is, there wasn’t enough info to go on to make a score — nor was there time. That’s kind of sad. I’d be really curious about how green a lot of these popular products would be, like the Xbox 360s or Wiis that a lot of people have at home.

Main findings of the report

“Progress is being made. These companies understand what green is. We are moving in the right direction,” Harrell said.

A few years ago, when Greenpeace first surveyed companies, a lot of the products they looked at scored poorly. Now, Harrell points to the Lenovo L2440x LCD monitor, which scored a 6.9 out of 10, the highest-scoring product in the report.

More observations:

“We need to see the green products being marketed better,” Harrell said. He also was looking for international standards to make better comparisons among products.

We’re looking at the highest scoring products in phone, desktop and mobile phone categories. The top phone comes from Samsung — but as Harrell says, the scores aren’t very high. I’m seeing 5s.

CES: Greenpeace press conference (update)

Casey Harrell of Greenpeace is hoping for electronic manufacturers to make more of an effort of be watchful of the environment. I’m looking at pictures of massive e-waste sites in places like Africa, as well as shots of toxic chemicals used in electronics — all on a slideshow.

He’s talking about the Greenpeace’s Green Products Report 2.0. It took a little over three months of work with a lot of companies submitting everything from laptops to game consoles to mobile phones. It was voluntary participation from each company.

Harrell is talking about the evaluation criteria for the reports such as lifecycle, energy efficiency, chemicals, marketing.

CES: Greenpeace press conference

The next edition of Inland Living Magazine is about going green, so Al and I are here at the Greepeace press conference at CES. We’re just waiting for things to get started. The conference is going to focus on the Greenpeace Electronics Survey, so let’s see what happens.

Flipping through the press packet, I see a lot of stuff about current electronics and how green (or not green) they are.

OK, time to get started.