Inception has a Comic


I can’t wait for Inception to come out this Friday.

The basic idea behind the movie, invading people’s dreams in order to steal their secrets, isn’t a new one. We’ve seen analogues to the same thing with the Matrix, or even Dreamcape starring Jonathan Plummer, Max Von Sydow, and Dennis Quaid as the psychic dream hopper. However, this latest stab looks unbelievably crazy in Christopher Nolan’s hands.

All of which only makes me itching to see William Gibson’s cyberspace magnum opus, Neuromancer, given the same treatment. It might be coming to that, at least according to IMDB, but I’m not getting my hopes up. I’ve heard that noise before when the PC game from Interplay came out in ’88.

So Inception will be scratching that itch for now and I’m excited to see how Nolan has turned our minds into the last frontier. A prequel comic has even come out to give potential fans a little of Inception’s flavor this Friday when it comes out in theaters.

It’s pretty good and the writers might be giving a nod to ol’ Gibson and cyberspace in general with the title: The Cobol Job. COBOL is also the name of an old business programming language that doesn’t see much use today, unless you happen to be on an ancient mainframe still being used in the bowels of a Fortune 500 company because it’s cheaper than upgrading.

You can check out the action here, sit back, and just click your way through.