Nazis from the Moon! Gasp!

It’s not a new WW2 game or a sequel to Cinemaware’s Rocket Ranger, but it’s an independent film called Iron Sky that has been developing over the past two years or so. Premise: In 1945, the Nazis fled to the Moon thanks to secret super science (and a base in Antarctica). In 2018, they’re planning to come back and conquer the world. It’s the kind of plot that Buck Rogers would have been proud of.

The film is being made by the same group that did Star Wreck, a Star Trek parody from Finland, and has also invited the ‘net to participate in its making. How this works is that the filmmakers will create a few tasks that they need help on and basically anyone is free to contribute their own ideas by posting at the amusingly named Wreckamovie site such as what they would like to see in an official poster. There are also quite a few other films there that are also embracing this kind of fan-participation approach so if Nazis in space isn’t your thing, there should be something else to help flex your imagination.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this production for awhile and they’ve already cast the parts with one or two names that I recognized such as the incredibly prolific go-to guy for evil, Udo Kier (Bloodrayne, Blade), and Gotz Otto (Tomorrow Never Dies, Der Untergang) as the head bad guy.

You can find out more about Iron Sky at their official site. As for when the movie is going to be done, they’re aiming at a release sometime in 2011, so they’ve still got a way to go. But at least there’s the trailer.