Apple reveals iPad 2

Apple customers will have a chance to spend more money this month when the Cupertino firm releases the iPad 2. The sequel to Apple’s popular tablet device is set for a March 11 release in the United States. The price? $500 to $830.

Ailing Apple CEO Steve Jobs appeared to introduce the new project. For more coverage, please check out the San Jose Mercury News‘ reporting on Apple’s new offering. Here’s an excerpt:

Apple CEO
Steve Jobs, officially on medical leave, received a standing ovation as
he stepped on stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts here at a
press event at which he announced the second generation iPad.

new device represents an upgrade from the first one, which has been a
runaway hit. The iPad 2 will have a new dual-core processor, front- and
rear-facing cameras and will be both thinner and lighter than the
original iPad.

And it will get some new features. Thanks to the
cameras, the new iPad will be able to make video calls using Apple’s
FaceTime software. And Apple will include with it its PhotoBooth program
that allows users to take self-portraits and customize them with all
kinds of goofy filters.

Apple is also bringing two programs
familiar to Mac computer users to the tablet: video editing program
iMovie and GarageBand, a music editing application. iMovie was
previously available for the iPhone; the new version that will be
compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad will be available on March
11 for $5.