Train up for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker…

…by watching these “instructional” videos from Hamaru Gear Solid, a site over in Japan created to introduce beginners to the series. Don’t know what Hamaru Gear is? Neither do I, but it has stuff that you can watch.

Spotted over at Japanese-gaming news site, Andriasang, these are goofy but humorous videos that break down the basics of Peace Walker’s sneak-flavored gameplay. Andriasang does a good job in letting you know what’s going on in each since they’re in Japanese, although just watching them is enough as they show off just how they relate to Peace Walker.

One thing that was also noted is that “Hamaru Gear Solid” could also be a play off of the name of Hirokazu Hamamura, the CEO of the publisher, Enterbrain, which owns Japanese gaming mag, Famitsu, and which Kotaku has recently questioned just what that means when they award a perfect score to the game.

But whatever you might think of that, with Hideo Kojima still at the helm of Peace Walker, the follow-up to Snake Eater looks like it could deliver the MGS fix for its hardcore fans on the PSP when it officially arrives in North America.