Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising (Better late than never, right?)


“Kid Icarus: Uprising” is the
first Nintendo release to bear the Kid Icarus moniker in more than
two decades and its blend of humor, mythological references, dynamic
visuals and old-school sensibilities are almost enough to make the
title one of the great ones.

The only really big problem – and it is
a big one – is the game’s control scheme. The unfortunate fact is
that although the Nintendo 3DS handles Kid Icarus: Uprising’s visuals
just about perfectly, the game’s controls are about as unwieldy as
can be. It’s telling that Nintendo included a special stand with the
game so players could set the game on a table instead of twisting
their wrists into an unnatural position in order to handle the 3DS’
buttons, circle pad and stylus at the same time.

It’s a shame the control scheme mars
Kid Icarus: Uprising’s gameplay, because this could be an ideal game
for anybody who grew up on the Nintendo Entertainment System and
still appreciates Nintendo’s zany approach to game design. Kid
Icarus: Uprising has enough wacky dialogue and flashing lights to
entertain just about anyone who doesn’t need all of their video games
to be grimdark and ever so “mature.”

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“I don’t want to be an eggplant again,” and other lines from the Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer

The new trailer for the long-awaited “Kid Icarus: Uprising” shows what could be a very fun game that lets players fight a bunch of monsters while somehow manages to include at least one robot-like device in a world that’s inspired by Greek mythology.

It also features some of the cheesiest writing in gaming history. At first I wondered if the writing was just bad, then I realized it was intentionally bad.

Or maybe this is just Nintendo’s way of tying to convince people to stop asking for voice acting in Zelda games.

Here are just a few lines:

  • “I don’t want to be an eggplant again.”
  • “If he deep fries you, keep your distance. One bite, and you’ll be finished.”
  • “It was bad enough when the dark forces were contained in the underworld.”
  • “Get ready for a display of raw angel power.”

(H/t Kotaku)

Trailer: Kid Icarus: Uprising

The good news is that the visuals, especially the backgrounds, in Kid Icarus: Uprising look amazing in this trailer.

The bad news is that the game is being delayed again. Nintendo promised at E3 that the much-anticipated title would be out for the Nintendo 3DS before 2012, but the game is not going to make that deadline, the company reported today.

Better late than lame (in a similar vein, I don’t know if I saw any complaints when Bioware pushed Mass Effect 3 into next year), but the hype around Uprising seems to put it in the position of being the game that makes or breaks the 3DS.

Video embedded from the unofficial Nintendo 3DS channel on YouTube