What the … zombie ants?!?

Yes. Zombie ants. The L.A. Times has a story about the good state of Texas is unleashing a new kind of badass South American fly to combat the swarms of fire ants that cause up to a billion dollars in damage to the state every year.

But these flies don’t eat or obliterate the ants outright. Their method of operation, according to the article:

“The fly attacks foraging fire ants, injecting eggs into the ant with a needle-like appendage. As the larvae mature, they attack and destroy the brain, causing the ant to wander aimlessly like a zombie. After two weeks or so, the ant’s head falls off and a new fly emerges, ready to attack other ants.”

So, not only does inject brain-killing larvae, but then the head falls OFF to seal the deal? This is Resident Evil-level nasty. Wow. T-flies. How’d you like to be in those meeting talking about what the fly does to other creatures? Right now, I’m feeling a mix of mother-of-god horror and the urge to call this awesome. Awesome is winning.