Mass Effect to be adapted into anime form

Mass Effect series developers BioWare and anime distributors FUNimation Entertainment announced a deal to produce a feature-length anime based on the Mass Effect series.

Tokyo-based T.O. Entertainment will co-produce the film, according to a press release. Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson is set to executive produce the anime with
 FUNimation  CEO Gen Fukunaga, Director of Original
Entertainment Chris Moujaes and T.O Entertainment’s CEO Takeichi Honda
and Yui Shibata.

Filmmakers have already started production and digital and video releases are scheduled for summer 2012.

Production of the Mass Effect anime movie has already begun. Digital and home video releases are scheduled for the summer of 2012.

Highland artist sets sights on Comic-Con, beyond with ‘Mass Effect’ project

Holly Conrad’s garage in Highland has a pervasive smell of fiberglass, but she says she doesn’t even notice it anymore.

The 24-year-old artist has set up a studio there from which she hopes to launch her dream of designing costumes for movies. But in an industry in which traditional costuming has lost ground to computer-generated imagery, she needs her work to set her apart. That’s where Grunt, Tali’Zorah and Commander Shepard come in.

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