Welcome to moonwalk hell …

.. or heaven, depending on how fanatical a Michael Jackson fan you are. I was just sent a link to a site that features the moonwalks of the world, an everlasting Flash tribute to the newly deceased King of Pop and his signature move.

Just be warned: Some of these folks are absolutely terrible at this. Here you go … the Eternal Moonwalk.

You can, of course, load up your own rendition of the moonwalk to site. Like you didn’t think about doing that.

Michael Jackson. Gaming stuff. Yes.

No jokes needed. The sentence itself is entertaining enough: Michael Jackson is auctioning items, and a TON of his catalog is video game related. Like, ridiculously so. Seriously, flip through this thing. I’m doing it right now. Join me.

– A treasure trove of arcade and pinball machines, including such immortals as X-Men, Crazy Taxi, a Star Trek: TNG pinball game (what? really? I see Picard’s face! That’s awesome! Make it so!), Darkstalkers, The SImpsons — I don’t know if the guy had taste, or if he just bought everything. I’m going with No. 2. This thing is 242 pages, after all.

– A little rideable arcade pony. Let’s move on.

– Whoa. A Lara Croft figure from the classic Tomb Raider series. Doesn’t look poseable. Do not want.

– A stand-up station featuring the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Just now, I heard wrestling announcer Jim Ross’ voice in my head: “Mah god, the Virtual Boy! What’s it doing here?! It’s not supposed to be here!” Let’s keep flipping. Just a few more pages, or I’ll be here all night.

– Holy cow, the Karate Champ arcade game. This was before hadoukens and shouryukens were even possible.

– What the heck is Guitar Freaks? Not Guitar Hero. Guitar Freaks.

– Ah, Dance Dance Revolution. You KNEW this was going to be here. I wonder if he even played this …

– OK, I’m in the 70s when it comes to pages, and I’m getting to a lot of cool action figures. I think I see Bruce Lee with nunchaku and some kind of hat. Also, there’s Batman, Spidey and other heroes in various forms.

All right, I’m stopping. I have other things to do. But I’m not done looking through this. Not at all. By the way, many thanks to biz editor Christina Brock for passing this along.