Mirror’s Edge…in Real Life

What do you get when you combine a small, portable camera with the skills of an athlete? You might get something like what you are about to see on Youtube where someone takes the game to another level. Seriously impressive. It probably should go without saying to not try any of this at home unless you happen to be this guy.

Review: Mirror’s Edge


I know what Mirror’s Edge is trying to do. It’s different. It’s special. One could even dare to utter one of the most overused words in the industry: innovative.

However, that doesn’t always mean it’s great.

Like the free-running it tries so hard to emulate, this latest work from Electronic Arts can be exhilirating — if you’re willing to put up with a lot of pain.

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From the mailbox: Mirror’s Edge (PC) and Skate 2

Mirror’s Edge came out for the consoles back in November, but the PC version came out this week, including a CD of the breezy, trippy music featured in the game, plus some remixes. I haven’t heard the CD yet, but I imagine some of the music will make me think of trips to Sephora with the wife.

The game earned points with critics and players because of the premise — a first-person game about free-running. People loved it, hated it, got sick because of it, and examined it. I’ve got a review of my own coming pretty soon.

As for Skate 2, it’s something I’ve got on my playlist, though I’m probably going to set suckage records when I try to pull off my first few tricks.

To catch some of you up, I’ve posted trailers for both games below. Eat ’em up.

Here’s Mirror’s Edge:

And, Skate 2: