BurgerTime returns in HD

I loved the arcades. At least when we HAD arcades to go to.

One of my favorite games from that time was a little something from Data East called BurgerTime in which you controlled a tiny chef climbing up and down ladders and running across platforms to create giant hamburgers. All the while you were chased by things like sausages and eggs with only two shakes of a peppershaker to save you. It was like a fast food worker’s worst nightmare.

Now it looks like the old classic is going to be resurrected by Monkeypaw Games as an HD title. It even has a retooled version of the original theme and the levels looks like they could be a lot of fun while retaining that 2D-styled movement. Is it also no surprise that Monkeypaw is also doing a promotion with Burger King with DLC featuring the King?

Burgertime HD should be hitting your favorite downloadable source whether its Xbox Live, WiiWare, PSN, or Microsoft Windows sometime in the summer.