Review: Captain America – Super Soldier (X360)


Captain America: Super Soldier might
actually be the first movie tie-in game that doesn’t suck. At least
not as badly as some of its predecessors have.

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Review: Thor – God of Thunder (X360)


Movie tie-in games are a staple of the industry along with the notoriety that they often bear as quick cash-ins. Not every movie gets one, though whenever one is made, it’s usually greeted with a mixture of dread and fear by those that know their reputation. Exceptions to the rule are rare. The hope that the next project might break the curse also often disappears almost as quickly as the game does into the bargain bin.

Thor: God of Thunder from Liquid Entertainment tries to shatter that reputation, building on the excitement surrounding the film. Yet even for the mighty Nordic godling empowered by Marvel heroism, it proves to be a fight even he can’t win.
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Shadow of the Colossus to Become Movie


Yes, Shadow of the Colossus is to be given the Hollywood treatment. The team ICO game that took the critical world by storm back in 2005, wowing gamers with it’s minimalist landscapes, subtle plot and enormous antagonists, is being adapted for the big screen.

Producer, Kevin Misher (The Scorpion King, Public Enemies, The Interpreter) Is in charge of the project, with Young script writer Justin marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-LI) having the unenviable job of creating a script. No director has yet been mentioned.
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G.I. Joe the movie is coming out and you know what that means…

I’ll admit it: I was something of a G.I. Joe freak in the eighties and I have a box filled with figures and dossier card cutouts to prove it. Sorry collector-type people, no more unbroken blister packs. And now that a movie is on its way, it was only inevitable that a game would follow suit but looking at the trailer, I might prefer the NES versions instead.
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