X-Men: First Class trailer released

Here it is, the trailer for “X-Men: First Class”, a reboot of the film franchise that may give Marvel to continue making money from mutant stories while giving X-fans a chance to forget they ever saw “X-Men: The Last Stand.”

Bond Back in 2012?


The famous words “James Bond Will Return” at the end of his films is usually a promise kept. That is, until MGM had run into money troubles that ultimately led to the storied studio filing for bankruptcy. It didn’t bode well for the projects under its roof such as Daniel Craig’s run as Bond. But now there’s word that he could be back in 2012.

Dark Horizons reports that as a part of MGM’s plan, they’re looking to shoot a new Bond film in 2011 in time for a 2012 release. Not only that, but also plan to release a new Bond every two years after that in order to keep money wheel turning. That’s pretty ambitious.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it’ll be great to see Bond back on screen but the talk that Daniel Craig may have to be replaced in order to meet this schedule isn’t that encouraging. And promises in Tinseltown are a dime a dozen.

Bill Murray is decked out…


…in his Ghostbusters gear at the Spike Scream Awards. According to the Ghostbusters III Blog, a site set up by fans tracking everything that they can find out on the new movie purportedly still in the works, Bill Murray showed up at the show in full gear to accept two awards; one for his cameo in Zombieland, and another for the movie winning “best horror movie”. Zombieland was a great movie, but “horror”? I’m still trying to figure that part out, but you can check out the rest of the pics on the site.

There’s been a lot of talk this month on the script for the new flick with Sony apparently happy with it. The big question on everyone’s mind seems to hinge on whether Bill Murray likes it or not. Akyroyd is positive that he will, so all that we can do is wait and see what happens next.

As for what it it’s going to be about, your guess is as good as mine. Over the years, bits and pieces have rumored that it was going to involve the Ghostbusters fighting an overflow of souls from Hell hitting New York City to Bill Murray returning as a ghost. But the ones that seem to have the most steam behind them are the ones that call it out as a sort of ‘passing of the torch’ kind of thing to a younger generation of Ghostbusters.

Right now, the film is rumored for a 2012 release if everything works out, so keep those streams crossed.

It’s…the Shadow?


Remember the Alec Baldwin superhero flick, The Shadow? Wait, you don’t remember Alec Baldwin as a superhero, period?

It’s not too surprising considering the drubbing the film was given when it came out in ’94, but I liked it enough for its stab at the 1930’s radio show and pulp series it was based on. Even if you haven’t heard of The Shadow, you’ve probably seen his modus operandi of working at night as a costumed detective fighting crime in the big city influencing certain other heroes elsewhere…such as Batman. For the film, the costumes, set pieces, the soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith, and the end credits sung by Taylor Dane certainly made its big screen debut impressionable.

It’s too bad that its plot based on a psychic descendant of Genghis Khan and a superhero who could control men’s minds were forced to wither in the shadows cast by Tim Burton’s Batman duet, even with Tim Curry as a slobbering madman. It even had the beat ’em up tie-in by Ocean on the SNES pitting the player in a Streets of Rage like battle against street thugs and Mongol warriors.

But the rumor mill is spinning its wheels on whispers that Quentin Tarantino might be attached to a reboot of what was supposed to be the first film of an ongoing series. Fox has picked the rights up and there’s talk that David Slade is on board to direct. On one hand, I’d love to see what Tarantino can do with this kind of material.

On the other, if it ever does come out, I hope that the game doesn’t suck.