E3: Electronic Arts decompression

28306-Ironheades Tour Bus of Destruction-thumb-480x270.jpg

The next press conference was EA’s at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles where we didn’t have to deal with waiting for our car as much as we did with the crazy line queue massing outside. And then there was the WW2 bunker in which we had to park our car.

So here I go with a brain dump of all of the things that EA had shown off for the crowd after the jump. I’ll be the one starting things off this time.
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G.I. Joe the movie is coming out and you know what that means…

I’ll admit it: I was something of a G.I. Joe freak in the eighties and I have a box filled with figures and dossier card cutouts to prove it. Sorry collector-type people, no more unbroken blister packs. And now that a movie is on its way, it was only inevitable that a game would follow suit but looking at the trailer, I might prefer the NES versions instead.
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New Wolfenstein Trailer Reveals More Hapless Nazis

Gametrailers has received a new, exclusive, teaser inviting players to step back into the boots of BJ Blazkowicz and blow away the Third Reich’s obsession with the occult. Using iD’s Tech 4 engine behind Doom 3’s hellish resurrection, longtime partners, Raven Software, have pushed its limits with a host of wall busting, ghost killing effects to whet everyone’s appetite. Here are a few captures to get you excited about heading back to WW2 without having to storm the beaches of Normandy all over again.


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