World’s Biggest PAC-MAN


Thanks to a collaboration between Namco Bandai, Microsoft Australia, and Australian digital studio, Soap Creative, the “World’s Biggest PAC-MAN” is here. It was created to help promote future PAC-MAN properties and from the stats, there’s a lot of love out there. Over 274 million dots have been eaten so far in this online game (as of this writing).

Players can also create their own maps that get added to a growing collection of thousands. You’ll see love messages, giant PAC-MAN shaped fields of dots, a cat shaped maze, and giant faces all linked together to provide an ever growing playground of close calls and endless eating. It could be Billy Mitchell’s worst nightmare – or greatest dream.

It’s also free to play. All you need is a computer, a browser, and a lot of time to help wear down your arrow keys. Or a good sense of humor with a dash of devious cunning when you unleash your creativity – as long as you can keep it clean.

Review: Enslaved – Odyssey to the West


Enslaved: Odyssey to the West feels like something I’d have seen in a movie theater and enjoyed. Perhaps that’s the point Ninja Theory, its creator, is trying to make.

The fusion of techniques from the movie world into the creation of games has been a long-pursued subject. Gamemakers have always sought ways to make their works feel more epic or artistic. Some games offer cinematic treatment to their cutscenes, while others blast your ears with high-end sound engineering or dramatic musical scores. Some use their characters as the engine for the whole experience.

Enslaved attempts to do all of the above, using a blend of glorious visuals, exquisite voicework/character development and action, hoping the player will be too busy enjoying the ride to notice any shortcomings.
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New Ace Combat due out next year

Armchair aces can rejoice: Namco Bandai announced today that they’re coming out with a new Ace Combat for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 due out next year. According to Gamespot, the game will again sport single and multiplayer modes just as Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation did in ’07. It also marks the first Ace Combat to debut on the PS3, though the series has come out on the PSP.

The trailer suggests that this is going to be a rebirth for the series, a “game changer” as another hint points out at the start and it looks to this fan that it’s going to follow the cue of Joint Assault, Ace Combat’s upcoming entry for the PSP. Previous Ace Combats on consoles and portables had taken place in a fictional world analogous to our own with licensed jets. This time, as you can hear the pilot mention Miami in the trailer after the global graphic, it sounds like it’s going to take place in our own backyard.

The Ace Combat series has always prided itself on being an arcade flier’s fantasy with lead rounds and gobs of missiles writing explosive poetry against impossible odds that only Michael Bay could dream of. The series might not have the kind of hardcore realism that IL-Sturmovik had brought to the table with its console debut, but it can always be just as fun sending multimillion dollars’ worth of scrap to the ground by the squadron, Hollywood-style.

Can’t wait to see more. For now, here’s the trailer below.

Fists Full of Iron


And not the kind that EA had sent out, even if they were brass.

Namco Bandai have released a slew of new screenshots and art renders celebrating the planned upcoming release of Tekken 6 in the Fall giving console brawlers on the 360 and the PS3 something new to scrap over.

The newest iteration of the fighting franchise will be packed with everything from the arcade version plus a raft of enhancements courtesy of “the Bloodline Rebellion” update that it had received in December of ’08. Assuming that players will finally be exhausted from beating each other senseless in Street Fighter IV by the time it comes out, Tekken 6 will be stepping into the ring to keep the adrenaline flowing into every character listed on its massive roster and throughout each multi-tiered stage, day or night, off or online.

Check the rest of them out below.
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