Review: NCAA 13


Texas State receiver demonstrating one
of the newly added catch animations against my Teambuilder squad…
still not sure how he got that open.

By Jahmal Peters


Summer is a great time of year for
college football fans.

It’s a time of year when every fan
believes that their team is poised to achieve greatness no matter how
outlandish the expectations may be and it’s only after the season
begins that the cold hard reality sets in and they are once again
reminded of their team’s place near the bottom of the food chain.

While college football fans can enjoy a
few more months of unwavering optimism, their gaming playing
brethren won’t be as lucky.

EA Sports’ NCAA Football 13
is the latest iteration of the company’s annual college
football game, and with minimal updates and an overemphasis on DLC,
the game is more UCLA than USC – promising but a long way from

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A choice for the ages: Would you pick Barry Sanders or Herschel Walker?

EA Sports’ fan vote to decide which Heisman winner will appear alongside former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III on the cover of “NCAA Football 13″ is down to two candidates.

Herschel Walker and Barry Sanders. Two of the greatest college running backs of all time.

Walker won the 1982 Heisman for the Georgia Bulldogs at the end of a brilliant college career. Walker went pro for the New Jersey Generals of the short-lived USFL before playing for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings. Walkers also represented the United States in the 1992 Winter Olympics as a bobsledder, which this writer thought was awesome.

Barry Sanders won his Heisman for his accomplishments in the 1988 season, during which he rushed for an average of more than 237 yards per game. Sanders went on to spend his entire professional career with the Detroit Lions and earned distinction as the best real-life running back of his era. (Bo Jackson, of course, is the best Tecmo Super Bowl running back of his era.)


You can vote here. There are more important elections this year, but this one is pretty cool.