Review: NCAA Football 12

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NCAA Football 12 asks gamers the same question every summer:

Do you need a new college football game?

Die-hard fans who have no problem spending $60 on each year’s edition already know the answer to that question, and those who wait a few seasons between purchases will likely be pleased with EA Sports’ latest iteration of their college football franchise.

NCAA 12 offers some new features to a franchise that has offered a solid replication of the college football experience for well over a decade. New stuff, like team-specific pregame rituals. add some flavor to this year’s edition. But anyone who has played an NCAA Football game before knows what to expect at this point.

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NCAA Football 12, Harry Potter games in stores today

NCAA Football 12 (unasked-asked-for editorializing: I always preferred it to Madden) comes out today for PlayStation 3 and XBox 360.

The 2012 edition of EA Sports’ college football franchise not only lets players assume the role of head coach or player, but also conference executive. The game’s features include an option to realign conferences, allowing fans to relive the fun of the last off-season’s conference moves and (I assume) create their own Pac-Integer or put San Diego State in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Whatever players do, it can’t be much loss logical than the Big 10 having 12 teams and the Big 12 having 10 teams. (You’ve heard that joke before? Sorry.)

Other features include the “Road to Glory” and “Coaching Carousel” career modes as well as animal mascots and team-specific pregame traditions. I haven’t had a chance to play this game yet, but college football is generally awesome.


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