Duke Nukem Forever game review: After 14-years Duke returns, none the worse for wear, kinda

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Fourteen years, man, Fourteen years! This is it, after waiting 14 very long years of enduring false promises and having my Duke Nukem Forever gaming hopes kicked down and crushed into vaporware, the game is finally in my clammy little hands, errr, hard drive.

I was a little hesitant to actually boot the game up on my computer due to fears of generating flying pigs and hell freezing over, as many gamers have quipped over the years about having an actual shipping version of the game.

So is Duke Nukem Forever worth it? If your a fan like me… almost! It does a decent job of bringing back the old kick-ass attitude along with a few updates here and there to make it a viable successor to the Duke Nukem series. If you’re new to Duke Nukem you may be surprised to learn Duke Nukem 3D is considered one of the pioneer first-person shooters, and was on the forefront of creating video game controversy using raunchy themes and humor way back in the nineties.

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