Choice of the Dragon

Choices in games open up avenues of possibilities for players, but how about a game that is made up of only choices? Choice of Games have put together their first online-title, Choice of a Dragon, that plays out like an old-school “Choose Your Own Adventure” or one of TSR’s “Endless Quest” books. It’s all played from the web, so no messy installations are needed here. It’s also a lot of fun if you don’t mind a game played by reading.

The game also keeps track of the consequences of your choices with some nice stats that govern how you, as the dragon, develop over time. Are you a brutal dragon that charbroils foolish knights at a whim, or one that prefers to plot from within the shadows? It’s completely up to you and depending on your strengths, certain decisions may or may not pan out as well as others.

Check it out here!