Review: Rogue Warrior


I remember reading about Rogue Warrior in 2006. Its fictional premise of a crack team of special forces operators dropped into North Korea and then forced to fight their way back to friendly lines when all hell breaks loose sounded like a great idea at the time. It would boast four-player co-op, a map maker for online action, and up to 24 players online. It’s the kind of stuff co-op gamers and online warriors have dreams about.

The game is also based in spirit on the autobiographical book of the same name by Richard “Dick” Marcinko whose name appears on the title of the game; a real-life former SEAL who founded special operations units SEAL Team Six and Red Cell. This is a guy whose military history is filled with the kind of covert stuff that had made our Cold War enemies cry frozen tears while asleep in Siberia. So I had to wonder that with such a rich history to draw from and a larger-than-life figure to work with, how the game could turn out to be worse than some of the fiction already out there.
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