Not your average cookout device…

Celebrity gossip site TMZ normally doesn’t report on gadgets, devices, or anything gaming related until Sears’ “human cooking line” popped up on their radar.

At first glance, it looks like your listing for a typical Kenmore 4-Burner until you take a look at the department that it is listed under. A few possibilities come to mind: the site was hacked, someone was bored at work (and may eventually be fired), someone was being let go at work and decided to be funny on the way out, or they outsourced their website to cannibals.

The department link goes nowhere, but the page is still live as of this writing. If you put the words “Sears Kenmore human cooking” in Google, that’s what currently comes up as the first link.

I’m kind of disappointed that they didn’t offer a copy of Soylent Green with the burner.

UPDATE, 12:15 PM: It didn’t take Sears too long to fix this one. All I can say from an IT perspective is that today is going to be a very bad day for someone in that department if they were responsible. As for the Google results, that will take a little more time to clear out, but the screenie below shows what was on there.

UPDATE: A post on Reddit has explained just how a “human cooking” line had appeared on Sears. If you don’t like technical explanations, you can always read what rumor-debunking site, Snopes, has to say about it instead. But suffice it to say, no one at Sears intentionally defaced the site to appeal to cannibals.