Review: Soul Calibur V

Soul Calibur V leaves a good first impression, but after putting some time into the game, one discovers that this (mostly) sword-fighting game is not going to earn itself a place in the book of legendary titles.

The latest chapter in the Soul Calibur series begins with a quite impressive opening scene that builds a desire to jump right into the game. Soul Calibur V’s story mode is typical for a fighting game. The hero goes through a series of battles until you reaching an
over-the-top end guy. Where Soul Calibur V starts to fall short, however, is in the development of the hero character, Patroklos. He comes off as whiny, ill tempered and it seems as though
he kills innocent people because he believes them to be “malfested.” These traits make it
very difficult to get behind the character and root for him to win.

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Trailer: SoulCalibur V

Good morning, gentle readers. I’m clearing up a backlog of E3-week content now that I finally have a some time to do so.

First up: Namco Bandai’s latest trailer for SoulCalibur V. For me, the proper way to play this franchise will always be a nice session at the UCLA dorms with SoulCalibur 2 on the Sega Dreamcast, but time moves on.